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Even though "Kings" was published in 2013, a number of the stories in it, as well as bits and pieces of the novels and collections that follow have been hiding in boxes and notebooks since as far back as when I was 16, and sometimes even earlier. Some stories just live with you as long as you let them, I suppose.

Kings of Nowhere

ISBN-10 1492101788

What does it take to be human?

Sweet Stephen Shepherd, a man who cannot die, is in need of a chauffeur - despite never leaving the grounds of his mansion. A robotic man named Adam wakes from a lengthy stasis only to fall in love with the lonely accountant who has given him new life. An unusual accident reconnects a strange boy with his childhood, and perhaps may just save his life. This collection of short stories is a darkly magical world of speculative fantasy that weaves the lives of its characters into a tapestry that depicts not the epic wars of right and wrong, but the mundane struggles of men and women trying to survive in a world that very rarely needs them. In so doing, it explores the complex terrain of the gulf between ourselves and others, how we bare the soul of our fears, our triumphs, our heartaches and the bittersweet distinctions between reality and what we wish reality to be.


Full Moon Fever

First produced in Montreal in 2008

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