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From 2007 to 2009, the plays below were produced in Montreal. Eventually to be released as a collection tentatively titled "Acts of Madness - The Moonchild Productions" Each play will be workshopped one more time (or more than one more, since you can never be edited too much) and made available on Amazon at a later date. However, if you would like to produce one of the below pieces, why not drop by here. I'll make us some tea.

When I Was Jesus

For two weeks in a mental hospital in Jerusalem, Stephen Phelps was the Second Coming of Christ.

Now, on his first day back at the office, he finds the questionable telecom business he built is starting to fall apart. Haunted by his time suffering from "Jerusalem Syndrome" and vague recollections of being Jesus, his fragile state of mind begins to unravel as Stephen Phelps comes to terms with his less than blessed life.

First produced in Montreal in 2007.

Photo by Cindy Lopez

Full Moon Fever

Werewolves are everywhere. Annabelle Morgan knows it. Not just making headlines in breaking news bulletins, but on her street.


Dating her daughter.

The quiet next-door type people who have monsters buried inside them, just waiting for a chance to break loose. Walking into a Louisiana police station in the middle of the night covered in blood, she finally believes she's found a way to be free of them, forever.

First produced in Montreal in 2007

La Bella Luna

Thomas has been missing work. Has been forgetting to check in with his therapist, has been hiding something from his best friend Ben: The Moon has fallen in love with him.


She says she wants him to keep it a secret, as other powers that be might be jealous of their love. Ben sees a familiar pattern in all Thomas' actions, and is afraid his friend is losing his mind, is going to a place that even his friendship might not follow.

First Produced in Montreal in 2008

Over Coffee

After another regrettable one night stand a woman comes to terms with her drinking-and-"dating" problem. A couple build their interior arguments leading to the finale of their relationship. A quiet patron plans her own last stand, while the owner of a café with a secret of his own struggles to find a way to connect.

Four stories. Five lives. Over Coffee is a lyrical, raw, and powerful one act set over the course of an hour in a coffee shop in Montreal on a rainy afternoon. Loosely inspired by T.S. Eliot's "The Waste Land" Over Coffee relentlessly asks what does it mean to be alone in the modern world, and tries to find what it takes to finally come together.

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