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Breaking radio silence

It might be odd to say that quite a lot's been going on over here, without any posts to show for it, but honestly, there really has. The new novel (well new to y'all out there, certainly not new to me) is finally finished, and it actually has a name. Rare is floating out to agents across the hemisphere. Which was the first novel I have ever finished, and in the meantime...

In the meantime there was "Table for Two", a bonkers (bonkers) fifteen minute show about love and loss in the multiverse that went up last year in UBC's Brave New Play Rites festival. My second comedy, and I was so tickled to actually see it happen. And directing once again, it seems and what's more?

I am now officially a Masters student at UBC. So that's a thing as I start sitting back down to the next novel - The Sabrerattlers pieces of which are floating around out there on the internet somewhere.

Also - my own promise: I will be here once a week. It may just be musing about what's happening around the neighborhood, or thinking about the news, or killer ideas I will never be able to pull off, but maybe someone else can, but I will be here. I promise.

So: in the category of "Killer Ideas I can't do" I present to you

Sea chanty covers of pop songs. Think "Take on Me" but with accordions and uillean pipes. The albums from Blackbeard's Musical Revue would all be pirate music puns: High C Adventures, Songs in the Key of A(r) Do with this what you will.

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